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Pressure treated shed bearers for sale in St Helens

Pressure treated bearers are used under a garden shed floor. Sheds St Helens. Harts Timber Sheds

Shop Shed Bearers

Treated timber bearers will raise the garden shed floor off the ground
A level surface is required.
Concrete, paving, and stone chippings are all suitable bases

Pressure treated shed bearers

Treated timber frame 34mm x 34mm
Protects the floor and lower part of your shed.
Compatible with both Apex and Pent Sheds.
Sheds will have a longer life span.
Creates airflow under the floor of the shed.

Shed-bearers-for-sale-St Helens-Merseyside

Pressure treated shed bearers

Shed-bearers-and-floor-for-sale-St Helens-Merseyside

Timber bearers and shed floor

Shed-floor-on-bearers-for-sale-St Helens-Merseyside

Shed bearers under the shed floor

Reduces the risk of rising damp which may damage the floor and lower part of the shed.

Sold as a full set.

6×4 Shed bearers

6x4-shed-bearers-for-sale-St Helens-Merseyside

Price £23

Buy with a 6×4 garden shed.
Full set of four.
34mm x 34mm frame

7×5 Shed bearers

7x5-shed-bearers-for-sale-St Helens-Merseyside

Price £34

Buy with a 7×5 garden shed.
Full set of five.
34mm x 34mm frame

8×6 Shed bearers

8x6-shed-bearers-for-sale-St Helens-Merseyside

Price £46

Buy with an 8×6 garden shed.
Full set of six.
34mm x 34mm frame

10×6 Shed bearers

10x6-shed-bearers-for-sale-St Helens-Merseyside

Price £58

Buy with a 10×6 garden shed.
Full set of seven.
34mm x 34mm frame

Shed-bearers-for-sale-St Helens-area-Merseyside

Please refer to the price list
For all other sizes

Shed-bearers-for-sale-St Helens-area-Merseyside

Buy timber bearers that have been pressure treated to protect them from rot and insect attack.

You are Welcome

We would love to meet you and help you choose your ideal shed.

Shed Shop Sales Team

Factory and sales team.
Phone us to order a Shed

Tel: 01744 730004

Location: St Helens Merseyside

Harts Timber Sheds
Moorfoot road industrial est
St Helens Merseyside
Choose a starting point.
Google maps will plan your route

Directions: Shed factory

Shed factory opening times

Monday–Thursday: 8:00am-5:00pm
Friday: 8:00am-4:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am-2:00pm
Please ring first. We are not open every Saturday
Sunday: Closed

Bearers and sheds can be ordered at the same time by phoning us with the following information

1. Your full name.
2. Your full address.
3. A contact Telephone number.
4. Size of the shed required.
5. Type of roof
6. Window choice.
7. Do you require timber bearers?
8. Is the door hinged on the left, or right?
9. If possible, a shed reference number

We do not use sub-contractors as our own inhouse team will deliver and assemble your shed

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