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Find a garden shed with this quick Shed Buying Guide

Shed Buying Guide

Shed buying guide and some information to help you choose a garden shed

If you need more assistance please phone one of our shed experts for advice its free.

Choose a shed size

Using a tape. Measure the area. Where space is limited, it is essential to give us exact measurements; this is to ensure the shed will fit into any confined areas.

Type of shed and door options:

Choose a shed with a pent or an apex roof. A pent shed will give you more door positions.


Full-size windows 24″ x 18″, Security windows 24″ x 9″, No windows.


Hinge the shed door on the left or the right.

A level surface is required:

Concrete, paving, and stone chippings are all suitable bases.

Pressure-treated shed bearers:

Pressure treated shed bearers are available from us. Recommended.


If you think access may be a problem to your road, driveway, or garden. Check for any height restrictions. Please call and discuss this with our Customer Service Team 01744 730004.

After Ordering


Garden sheds are delivered free.


All sheds are Assembled free.


A free external base coat is applied. Your shed will require painting with a suitable topcoat within four weeks. Given on completion are free maintenance instructions to care for a timber shed.


Cladding including the roof and floor:

Tongue & groove boards in the shed roof, floor, and the shed cladding, which is widely known as the best material to use for shed construction.


We use 34mm x 34mm framing, which is more than adequate for small, medium sheds. Large sheds will have extra frame and a roof truss installed as standard with a gable end span of 8ft or more. EG. A shed that is 10′ long with a span of 8′ will include a roof truss.


As mentioned, a base coat will be applied free, but this will not fully protect your shed. To fully protect your shed, another coat of timber treatment will be required.

Recommended products should be:

Suitable for exterior planed timber.

Suitable for exterior timber in ground contact.

Look for products that contain fungicide.

Note: Read the tin for information; a picture of a shed on the tin does not mean it is a suitable product.

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